5 Styles of Product Photography Explained

“A picture is worth 1,000 words.” Yes, it certainly is. A great professional photo increases sales, as well as brand confidence. Our future is all about purchasing products online, and the items with the best photos always win. It’s simple and affordable to upload a high quality product photo when you hire a professional product photographer. Nobody knows your product better than you do, so with just a little homework you can find the right style for your product photos.

Style #1 – Single product photo on a pure white background. Classic, clean and crisp! This style is the most economical and competitively priced. It's an easy to reproduce format when adding product photos to a website at a future date. This style of photography is very direct and showcases the product extremely well.

Style #2 – Multiple products photo on a pure white background. Still classic, however it conveys at line of products emphasizing a brand. This style of photography gives the buyer a larger picture of your product line all in one photo. Expect to pay more for a multi-product photo.

Style #3 – Single or Multi-product photo with props in the background. This style of photography adds color and dimension to the photo. It works well for a single advertisement promotion or social media post, however it causes a loss of continuity when used on a website, and may not be allowed on certain e-commerce platforms.

Style #4 - Product photo with graphics and text. Easily added to any photo, graphics and text will help describe the products size, as well as how to use a product. This an affordable addition to any photo and highly recommended for selling on E-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

Style #5 – Lifestyle photos on location. Top of the line product photography that conveys an experience along with an atmosphere for the product use. Lifestyle photos can include models as well as props. The sky’s the limit when it comes to lifestyle photos, from the simple glass of wine on a granite counter top to models toasting with glasses of wine on a beautiful beach at sunset.

Your budget along with the type of product will determine the style of product photography needed. Common products will do just fine with a single photo on a white background. New products that need explaining will do better with lifestyle photos. A combo of photography styles will always be the best choice to increase product sales.