How to Prepare your New Product Launch

Excitement is in the air as you begin the preparations to launch your new product to the world! After spending months creating, building, branding, and packaging your new product it’s time to post it on all e-commerce platforms for the world to see and hopefully purchase. Creating a new product is the ultimate goal for all entrepreneurs, whether it’s a new service or a new physical product, it can potentially bring in a large revenue. Now is the time to implement your marketing and sales strategy to the best of your ability as well as budget. 

4 Tips for a Successful Product Launch

1.    Product Posting - Send your product out into the world on all platforms, social media, E-commerce, blogs, and e-mail blasts. Use professional product photos along with a well written product description. Make a statement to the world that your brand represents excellent quality, and is better than all the competing products on the market. It’s simple and cost effective to utilize a professional photographer.

2.    Advertise - Even with a tight budget, advertising is key when launching a new product. Know your costumer, and you will know the best way to reach them. Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon Ads, etc., are all good conduits to getting eyeballs on your product postings. How much you can spend on these ads will be determined by your budget as well as your product sales reinvestment into advertisement. Regardless of how much you spend on ads, ensuring that the product posting is eye-catching and inviting is what maters the most, or the potential customers will just move on quickly and your ad dollars will be wasted.

3.    Keep Up the Momentum - Your product is listed and posted everywhere possible, the word is about your product is spreading, and the sales are flowing in! Now is the time to keep posting new product photos, stories from happy customers, and creative articles about your product’s industry. Interaction is key for all successful products and brands. The rewards of increased sales are worth the effort.

4.    Retail to Wholesale - Once the product enjoys direct retail success, it may be time to move up to wholesale sales to chain stores. The profit per unit it less, however the sales are much larger and will give your product a huge advantage for brand recognition. When reaching out to chain stores providing the proper sales material showcasing your product is essential. Excellent professional product photography along with a well written product description and a detailed master unit packaging and pricing list is a must. Wholesaling your product will take it to the next level of potential worldwide sales!

The best advice for a successful product launch is putting in the time and effort to market your product to the most receptive audience. Putting your best foot forward with professional product photos and exciting product descriptions will give your product a considerable edge against the competition!

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