By far the most changeling by product type, jewelry photography is as difficult as the results are beautiful when done well. Each piece of jewelry must first be cleared of dust and fingerprints, and then displayed at the correct angel for maximum appeal. Next come the lights, position and settings are crucial to achieve the best reflections. Too much light and the product is lost, too little light and the dimensions of the piece will look flat. However the real trick to jewelry photography is the lens. A Macro Lens is mandatory for achieving a detailed, sharp image. A good quality Macro Lens can be quite expensive, however it's a very valuable tool. Now we get to the camera, a DSLR is a must. The camera settings ISO and F-stop needs to be adjusted with each item for an outstanding image. With much practice and patience, you can achieve a well trained eye. 

Part two of a great jewelry photo is the editing process. Photoshop is an excellent tool to crop, clean, and sharpen your jewelry photography. It is a time consuming job that makes a huge difference in the finished image. Photography and Photoshop editing go hand in hand. There are many You Tube tutorials to learn the basics, as well as some more advanced Technics. 

With time and effort, jewelry photography can be learned. It's up to you to decide if you have a few weeks to spend on trial and error, or if you would rather hire a professional jewelry photography to shoot SUPERSTAR PRODUCT PHOTOS each and every time.

As the saying goes "Time is Money". As a business owner this saying holds a great deal of truth. You're in the business of selling your product, not wasting time trying to figure out how to take a photo! Professional Product Photography by an experienced jewelry photographer guarantees eye-catching, clean, sharp images that will help to increase your sales. 


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jewelry photography

By Product Photography Superstar