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FAQ Photography Services and Rates

We have summarized a FAQ list below. Trust they will answer most of your questions about Product Photography Superstar’s photography services. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions or concerns. Thank you.

Q: Do you provide Amazon product photography?

A: Yes, we have 10 years of experience working with many satisfied Amazon re-sellers, therefore we are very familiar with the photo requirements for Amazon listings.

Q: What is the product photography process?

A: Potential clients send us a photography project description–> we send a quote based on your specific needs–> client either ships us the products by courier OR drops off the items in person–> client pays 50% deposit before shooting–> we shoot as soon as possible–> we provide client the photos for approval–> client pays 50% balance after approval–> we deliver high resolution photos ASAP

Q: How many products are included in the price per image?

A: The price per image includes 1 product. Additional products in 1 image have an additional charge.

Q: Does your price include photo editing/retouching?

A: Our quotation always includes basic photo retouching, which means the photos will be ready for website or printing purposes. However, some customers may need enhanced image manipulation, e.g. Change product color, add background, photo combination etc., which is subject to additional charges.

Q: What is your lead time?

A: For product photography, depending on the project complexity and our workload, the turnaround time will be 3-7 days AFTER we receive your products AND the 50% deposit.

Q: What sets Product Photography Superstar apart from the other photographers?

A: Our Superstar Customer Service! First and foremost, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We work with many customers and all types of products. We take the TIME to understand the product, review the sample layouts and create the photos you have envisioned. Professional photography is more than just pressing the shuttle. It takes TIME to produce high quality photos. It takes TIME to come up with original great ideas for creative shots. It takes TIME to set up the best lighting for the shooting subjects. It takes TIME to prepare the products and arrange props in advance. It takes TIME for post-production editing. We take great pride in offering our TIME to ensure a Superstar Product Image.

Q: What file formats do you offer?

 A: All photos we submit are high-resolution (300 dpi) which are ready for both website and print. In default, we will provide JPG images. If you have special requirements for the photo format or photo size, please do let us know in the quotation stage. We can also provide PSD and TIFF formats.

Q: What types of backgrounds do you offer?

A: We offer 100% pure white backgrounds, the best choice for a clean, sharp image, ensuring continuity with previous and future images. Additionally we offer PGN files with a transparent background.

Q: Do you take product test shots?

A: Yes, some new customers have a large quantity of products for the photo shoot. They prefer to take test shots for one product first. Only when they are satisfied on the test shot, we will continue to work on the rest of the products. We welcome this practice which is mutually beneficial.

Q: How can I obtain the final images?

A: We will send you an email with a zip file or a Drop Box file.

Q: Will you re-shoot if I am not satisfied with your work?

A: It depends. If we did not follow your instructions for photo shoot, we will definitely re-shoot free of charge. Also for minor adjustments, we will always try to improve to accommodate your needs. However, if you are not satisfied because you have changed your mind (you want to change your previous instructions AFTER we have taken the photos), or you don’t know what you want when you placed the order and you have asked us to design the shooting solely on our own, in these cases we are not in a position to re-shoot free of charge. We can only re-shoot with additional charges.



With over 15 years of Product Photography experience we understand the importance of high quality images that are beautiful, yet affordable.

In today's competitive business environment the demand for professional, consistent product images for E-commerce, Direct Email Sales and Social Media are a priority. We are the perfect, experienced, go-to source for Amazon + eBay + Website product images.

We know how important an eye-catching image is, and take great pride in offering clean, sharp, high quality photos with fast turnaround times at very competitive pricing. 

Your product needs to stand out from the crowd and shine like a Superstar! We ensure you will be 100% thrilled with your product images.

SUPER simple Process:

  • Call or email to discuss your photography needs

  • Mail your product to our photography studio

  • We shoot and edit your product image

  • Images are emailed for your approval

  • Approved images are paid via PayPal

  • Products are returned with prepaid label